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Advanced Phone Systems Services In Texas For Your Business

To conduct business day in and day out, companies need a dependable business phone system. They need the ability to reach out to customers, vendors, and others swiftly and dependably.

OET can make it easy to fill this critical business need. We offer a suite of VoIP services that enables you to get in touch and stay in touch with the people that are critical to your business operations.

Details Of OET’s Business Phone System & VoIP Services

OET covers every aspect of your VoIP service. We provide our customers with:

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VoIP & Phone System Equipment

Enabling your business to function at top speed is a top priority for OET. For that reason, we’ve conducted thorough research to bring you the most reliable, easy-to-use VoIP devices and services. You now have access to the business phone technology that has fortified companies of all sizes.

Features of Available Phones

OET’s VoIP phones come with dozens of features to facilitate internal and external communications, including:

  • Multiple lines
  • Speakerphone
  • Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Call Blocking
  • Speed dial
  • Integrated Ethernet switch

OET devices may be integrated with your company’s enterprise software, record calls for compliance and training and accomplish many other tasks. 

Phone System Installation

At OET, we take special pride in our outstanding service. While offering technology from industry-leading manufacturers, we want to make sure that these products provide our clients with exactly what they need for business success.

In that spirit, OET offers assistance with installing our available VoIP equipment. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your new phones into your current networks and workflows.

Advantages of OET’s Installation Service

OET’s installation service puts our staff of trained and talented Techsperts to work for you. They have the skills and experience needed to keep your technology functioning properly, in concert with your operational requirements. They’ll help you connect the dots for maximum efficiency, output, and ease of use.

Support For Products

OET’s services cover the installation of your equipment, and more. We also offer ongoing support for our VoIP devices to help you maintain your productivity. For more details, visit our Support page

Hosted Business Phone System Services

While we now have a variety of ways to communicate with others, the best method is often direct human speech. This means that companies will still need a solid, reliable phone solution.

Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever to set up and maintain a phone solution for your business. OET’s Hosted Phone System Services give you a dependable, low-overhead means of staying in touch with others.

Benefits of Hosted Phone Service

Opting for a hosted phone service generates several significant benefits, including:

  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Since you don’t need to purchase your own equipment, you don’t need to pay as much upfront to set up your phone solution.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • OET’s IT professionals maintain your phone servers, which frees up money, time and manpower on your end.
  • Easy Scalability
  • Hosted phone services make it easy to add new users and devices as your business grows.

Already own a phone system? OET has you covered.

Managed Voice Services

For some companies, owning their phone equipment and servers outright may be the more prudent option. For these customers, OET offers managed voice services.

We can help you select, design and install your company’s onsite phone solution. We’ll also be available to keep your system in good working order.