Managed IT Services

To maintain your competitive edge, your business needs more than just superior copiers and printers. Your entire IT network needs to function as a streamlined, integrated aggregate system. You need to protect your company’s information and also prevent downtime and the drain on your money and resources it can cause.

At OET, we’ve expanded our offerings to include a selection of Managed IT services. We’ll monitor your systems and make sure everything operates at peak productivity.

Desktop Services: Ensuring Peak Performance and Productivity

The devices on your network don’t just take care of themselves. They require careful maintenance and constant monitoring to ensure that they function properly. When problems arise with your computers and servers, you need to resolve them quickly to prevent them from interfering with your core business duties.

OET’ Desktop Services will keep your devices in sound working order. You’ll be able to bolster your productivity and become more efficient than ever before. 

Desktop Support

Desktop Support: Maximum Service, Optimum Solutions

For most businesses today, computer systems are an indispensable component of their daily operations. When their desktops don’t work properly, they can bring productivity to a screeching halt.

OET can keep the devices in your office on track and minimize service interruptions. Our Desktop Services will enable you to:

  • Resolve issues with your computers as quickly as possible
  • Prevent potential problems from impacting your workflows
  • Devote more time, funds and energy to more business-critical tasks

Elements of Desktop Support

OET’s Desktop Support service has two main components:

Remote Support

Whenever you experience trouble with your desktops, place a call to our HelpDesk. We can handle all Level One remote support requests.

On-Premise Support

OET can also dispatch technicians to your location as needed, or on a pre-arranged schedule. We take pride in maintaining one of the fastest response times in the industry.


Server Support: Optimal Performance For Your Servers

To keep efficiency and productivity at optimal levels in your workplace, you need servers that allow you to:

  • Store and retrieve information quickly
  • Communicate with others promptly and reliably
  • Process data efficiently
  • Operate printers and other devices on your IT network

When your servers malfunction, they can delay the completion of crucial tasks. The longer your servers flounder, the more they can cost you in terms of profitability, not to mention employee stress and customer satisfaction.

With Server Support from OET, you can protect your business from this costly downtime. Our skilled technicians will keep your servers in sound working order, leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

Components of Server Support

OET’s Server Support comes with two major parts:

Helpdesk Support

You can reach out to our HelpDesk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever an issue arises with your servers.

Onsite Support

If your problem requires an onsite visit, OET will send one of our uniformed Techsperts. We stock our service team’s branded vehicles with everything they’ll need to fix your issue on the first call.


Our managed IT solutions lower expenses, improve productivity and keep your data secure. Click on the links below to learn more or contact us to get a personalized assessment of what we can do for you.

Interested in Learning More

We can provide you a personalized assessment to help manage your IT more effectively. Whether you are looking to upgrade, lower cost, streamline, or secure — OET has a solution that fits your needs.